The History of Sink!
The history of the classic Discordian game of Sink. ( 799 words)
Those Kinky Peanuts Kids
Think Peanuts was just a funny comic? Consider this. ( 670 words)
Dalek Jobs
What to expect when you employ a dalek. ( 50 words)
Beware the Penguins
They're coming. Prepare yourself, or you'll regret it. ( 279 words)
The Importance of Skilled Taco Assembly
Tacos: Why only properly trained, skilled food service personnel should assemble these delicious Mexican morsels. ( 645 words)
The TRUE Web Browser
TRUE: A new fully CSS-compliant web browser designed to fight information overload on the Internet (humor). ( 378 words)
Apple Product Evolution Memorandum
Concerns on Apple's direction from a long-term geek fangirl. ( 970 words)