Technology & Computing

Computers & Technology

Coding Reflections
Stuff I learned while working on pianod (and other software projects).
The State of Linux
Linux is still troubled. But faced with Apple's direction, is Linux an answer? ( 5666 words)
Moving to Android
Impressions of Android as I transition off iOS. ( 2093 words)
Y2K: Setting The Record Straight
Failing to meet dire predictions does not mean Y2K was nothing, or a plot by software engineers to make money. ( 858 words)
Mourning the loss of Physical Interfaces
As screens and touch panels appear on everything from cars to fridges, I find my myself longing for knobs and switches. ( 1772 words)
Dear App Developers
Instead of being awkward-to-use hodgepodges of features, Apps should focus on one thing, and do it well. ( 983 words)
Data Storage Thoughts
Thoughts on storing, backups, archiving, and retrieving data. ( 2960 words)