Political Essays & Commentaries


Universal Basic Income
Thoughts on advantages, disadvanages, and limitations of Universal Basic Income in solving US problems. ( 1159 words)
Authority vs Wisdom in Politics
When leaders only look at their authority to take action, and do not consult wisdom, badness results. ( 754 words)
A Call to Moderates
The polarization of the Dems and the 'Pubes means USA needs a new political party run by moderates. But the moderates aren't ready, and it's doubtful we'll get what we need. ( 1107 words)
A Moderate Take on Abortion
Abortion is a symptom, not the problem. If we want to stop abortions, we should address the problem itself. ( 1528 words)
The Importance of Compromise
Political and media polarization are breaking us into factions, preventing compromise and negotiation. But compromise is a cornerstone of the United States--can the government function without it? ( 1208 words)
Upstate New York High Speed Rail
A railfan's perspective on the proposal to install high-speed rail across New York State. ( 706 words)
High Taxes in Upstate New York: a reality check
Tom Golisano's organization told upstate that their taxes are unfair based on a comparison to the Northamptons. But is that a fair comparison? ( 676 words)
Twenty Twenty-Four
My concept of updating George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four for our modern world. ( 2928 words)
On Coronavirus
On the coronavirus and our leaders' response to it. ( 2661 words)
Guns & City vs. Country
Instead of pointless bickering, let's try to understand why we don't understand one another when it comes to gun attitudes. ( 2251 words)