Perette Barella: My Life in Bullet Points and Pictures

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What have I done in my life?

  • Rode carousels and tractors
    Riding a merry-go-round as a child. Riding a merry-go-round as a child.
  • Jumped in leaf piles, had birthday parties, and went sledding
    Having a birthday party Going sledding Raked leaves and jumped in the pile
  • Grew up with hand-eye coordination issues probably related to Autism
  • Looked at a teddy bear
    Perette looking at a teddy bear.
  • Wrote anti-consumerist propaganda (and made some videos playing on advertising macros)
  • Went to a technical high school and studied electronics
  • Ran a computer club
    Computer club meeting Computer club meeting Computer club exhibit
  • Fought off a pirate
    Perette dueling her friend Mike at a pirate-theme costume party
  • Befriended the pirate and took him hiking
    Perette with Mike Bowman in the Adirondacks A view of the Hudson Valley from the Escarpment, a beautiful hike.
  • Went hiking with my mom and spread my father's ashes
    Resting on the hike up Spreading ashes at Lion's head Spreading ashes at Lion's head Camping at Riga Shelter
  • Extended TRS-80 Color BASIC to support modem I/O, and had a dial-in BBS that I wrote myself
  • Studied computer science, psychology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and massage
    One of my favorite teachers at RIT Graduating with friends Perette, happy to graduate
  • Had awesome friends who stood by me through hard times
    Picnicking with friends Looney friends Awesome friends
  • Butchered a deer & dissected a human while studying massage
    Butchering a deer
  • Eaten chicken, bacon, ham, beef, alligator, ostrich, venison and sushi
  • Hung out with the Rocky Horror Picture Show crowd and opened my mind
    Doing the kick-line in Don't Dream It, Be It Friends from the Connecticut RHPS crowd
  • Cycled Prince Edward Island with my mom
    Coasting a PEI highway Visiting a PEI beach Skipping stones on PEI Visiting Kinkora, PEI
  • Had a sex change, but outgrew the infatuation
    Recuperating from surgery
  • Modeled both clothed and nude, vanilla and fetishy for artists
    Modeling Photograph by NEO Naked with a rose. Captured by Dave, my life companion. Seated, relaxed. Naked buffet.
  • Attended corporate functions with my sweetie
    Dave and Peri at UU dinner
  • Suffered a mental breakdown under capitalistic pressures
  • Took a DBT class and pieced myself back together
  • Worked in the sex industry as a dominatrix. Nobody should be forced to do sexwork, but for me it was a fantastic opportunity to study and explore human sexuality. I marked up my own website and advertising, too:
  • Served on the board of the Rochester Kink Society
  • Got parking tickets and a speeding ticket
  • Been a human pony, and even built my own cart
    Performing with handler Stormy at Camp Crucible 2014 Pony Show Sexiest Ponygirl, Camp Crucible 2014, with handler Stormy Hooked up to a pony cart I hacked from a gas welding cart
  • Been catheterized for fun (but mixed feelings about it)
  • Bike toured from Montreal to Ottawa, to Mont Laurier and around with my mom
    Camping at the Grand Barn. A street with (almost) my name! Mom after lots of hill climb out of Aumond, QC en route to Mont Laurier. Cooking dinner after a long day of cycling Petit Train du Nord Ferrying across the Ottawa River Ice cream on our last day
  • Toured solo from Rochester through the Catskills, Adirondacks and around Lake Ontario
  • Bicycled the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive
    Peri and Mom on the Blue Ridge in Spring, 2015 Peri after cycling to the top of Mt Mitchell In front of the Skyline Drive entrance Stopping at a rest area on Skyline Drive Taking a break on the Blue Ridge
  • Been socially awkard, and made some mistakes that hurt or offended others. I feel bad about that, when I think about it.
  • Wrote, directed, performed and edited sketch comedy:
  • Became an aerialist
    Aerial plank Practicing a front salto A simple aerial pose
  • Written code in C, C++, Python, TypeScript, Pascal, Korn Shell, assembly and numerous other languages
  • Went bicycle touring with groups and family in Ontario, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, the Nederlands, Wisconsin, Quebec, New York and PEI.
    Overnight rest stop in Canajoharie while cycling the Erie Canal Cycling the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Massachusetts with mom Paddling a lake near Algonquin with Mom after a day of cycling Cycling Ontario's Waterfront Trail. Photo by Goh Iromoto Staying at Esprit on the Ottawa River with Bike and the Like Falls Hollow along the Natchez Trace My parents passing me on the Great Hudson Valley Pedal My parents resting along the Natchez Trace My father walking in woods near the Natchez Trace Moonrise over the Hudson River Cruising the Pine Creek Greenway in northern Pennsylvania Wading in the Pine Creek
  • Published all the articles on my website as well as a collection of short fetish erotica and a novel (under a pseudonym).
  • Smashed stuff, built stuff, fixed stuff, and did stuff
    Removed plaster and lathe for a friend Helped a friend put in a floor Shovelled snow Fixing a dent in my mother's car
  • Developed a music server
  • Worked menial jobs like cashiering, counting inventory, and developing websites
  • Worked at a shipping company, moving an estimated 15 tons of parcels/day by hand and parking their well-recognized brown trucks within 6″ of each other in preparation for loading during holiday season.
  • Acquired a commercial driver's license and carted school kids around.

To do

  • Cycle Georgian Bay & Manitoulin Island
  • Try parkour
  • Cycle the St Lawrence—US section, Canadian section
  • Cycle the Katy Trail
  • Bike the Delaware River to its headwaters
  • Learn more Aerial—silk, lyra, static trapeze, pole, swinging Chinese pole
  • Backpack or bike Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Asia
  • Explore the US West and Southwest
  • Bike to Ramblewood
  • Try living in an intentional community
  • Visit a certain fetishy store in the Kitchener-Waterloo area


This page is full of stuff I've done and things I intend to do rather than junk I've owned and crap I want. I do appreciate items I own when they contribute to the things I do, and have few possessions that serve no purpose.

Looking forward to stimulating new experiences is a major contributor to my happiness.

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