Science and Technology

General Science

  • An Energy Discussion (1191 words) A fictional discussion with a liberal about how we will power the future.
  • Disingenuous Green Power (713 words) Green machines are not really green, if they just move impact elsewhere.
  • Alternative Therapies & Imagination (1942 words) Proponents claim alternative therapies such as shiatsu, acupuncture, healing touch, reiki, etc. are scientific in a way that we just don't understand yet. But does this hold up when compared to the physiological effects of a horror movie?
  • Science vs. Pseudoscience: Essential Differences (1159 words) There are essential differences between science and pseudoscience, which are the reason our world has experienced such a deluge of pseudoscience recently-- and will probably continue to.
  • Reason, Intuition, and Religious Tolerance (4522 words) Comparing and constrasting reason and intuition, good and bad theories, experience and explanations, logic and reason-- all leading to my conclusion on the 'religious tolerance' that has been demanded of me recently.
  • Analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomena (1074 words) EVP is the belief you can use your TV set or radio as a divination tool. Really?
  • Evolution (1623 words) Evolution and Natural Selection: NOT equivalent to filling a bucket with parts and stirring.

Computers & Technology