Political & Social


  • Trump: Either Incompetent, or a Traitor (620 words) Based on Mr. Trump's leaking of secrets to the Russians, he is either incompetent, a traitor, or reckless. Whatever the case, he must go.
  • The Importance of Compromise (1301 words) Political and media polarization are breaking us into factions, preventing compromise and negotiation. But compromise is a cornerstone of the United States--can the government function without it?
  • High Taxes in Upstate New York: a reality check (848 words) Tom Golisano's organization told upstate that their taxes are unfair based on a comparison to the Northamptons. But is that a fair comparison?
  • Twenty Twenty-Four (3078 words) My concept of updating George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four for our modern world.
  • Upstate New York High Speed Rail (774 words) A railfan's perspective on the proposal to install high-speed rail across New York State.


  • Periisms (617 words) What experience took far too long to teach me.
  • You don't need to apologize... (570 words) We are better focusing in real problems today, than apologizing for the wrongs done by prior generations.
  • On fairness (1074 words) Unfairness on the surface may be less so when examined in aggregation.
  • Internet Overload (8919 words) David Shenk and others have discussed 'information overload' in their books, and here I assemble my thoughts and experience on the issue.
  • A variation on the fishing proverb (406 words) What if he refuses to learn how to fish?
  • Advice for Suitors (2545 words) Perette’s thoughts on the mismatch of those looking for fantasy versus real-life relationships, and suggestions for those making the transition to real-life.
  • On Trans & Queer Issues (2106 words) Collected thoughts on Queer & Trans political and social direction.
  • Entertainment vs. News: What will we pay? (1021 words) We pay a lot to be entertained. But what will we pay for staying informed?
  • Anderson Avenue (755 words) Taking your clothes off in two different venues: a comparison of societal attitudes.
  • Marketing Perette (1075 words) A comparison of writing styles describing Perette as a study in marketing speak.
  • Bullshitting: Speaking Politically (1720 words) An exploration into saying things in different ways, and how it's as much what you say as how you say it. But what if you don't want to play the game?