Social Articles & Essays


Anderson Avenue
Taking your clothes off in two different venues: a comparison of societal attitudes. ( 648 words)
Marketing Perette
A comparison of writing styles describing Perette as a study in marketing speak. ( 949 words)
Workers vs. Heroes in America
Why is everyone a hero in America? ( 1604 words)
Advice for Suitors
Perette’s thoughts on the mismatch of those looking for fantasy versus real-life relationships, and suggestions for those making the transition to real-life. ( 2479 words)
Internet Overload
David Shenk and others have discussed 'information overload' in their books, and here I assemble my thoughts and experience on the issue. ( 8693 words)
Secrets and the Hazards of Trying To Please Others and other essays on identity
Essays on being ourselves versus getting along with others. A question I left unanswered, and ponderings on why. ( 3207 words)
Race & Policing in American
An allegory for the way policing of Black folk has been handled in America. ( 1322 words)
What experience took far too long to teach me. ( 1108 words)
On Trans & Queer Issues
Collected thoughts on Queer & Trans political and social direction. ( 6108 words)
You don't need to apologize...
We are better focusing in real problems today, than apologizing for the wrongs done by prior generations. ( 496 words)
On fairness
Unfairness on the surface may be less so when examined in aggregation. ( 997 words)
Congratulations, MBA!
An open letter to the MBAs as Price Rite congratulating them on the efficacy of their efforts to save on labor costs. ( 861 words)
On Comparing & Contrasting
Comparing non-equivalent things is not malicious, it's how some of us think. ( 1022 words)
If you were going to do it, it would already be done
People are good at making excuses. When it comes to getting things done, how can you tell justification from excuse, promise from empty words? ( 1430 words)
The Three Kinds of Problems
On the 3 kinds of problems: acute problems, hassles, and irritants. ( 1094 words)
Bullshitting: Speaking Politically
An exploration into saying things in different ways, and how it's as much what you say as how you say it. But what if you don't want to play the game? ( 1627 words)
Entertainment vs. News: What will we pay?
We pay a lot to be entertained. But what will we pay for staying informed? ( 923 words)