Reason, Intuition, and Religious Tolerance
Comparing and constrasting reason and intuition, good and bad theories, experience and explanations, logic and reason-- all leading to my conclusion on the 'religious tolerance' that has been demanded of me recently. (23 minutes)
How Prime Factorizations govern the Collatz Conjecture
Patterns produced by the Collatz Conjecture are driven by prime factorizations. How might these be used to better understand it, and potentially lead to a solution? (16 minutes)
Alternative Therapies & Imagination
Proponents claim alternative therapies such as shiatsu, acupuncture, healing touch, reiki, etc. are scientific in a way that we just don't understand yet. But does this hold up when compared to the physiological effects of a horror movie? (10 minutes)
Science vs. Pseudoscience: Essential Differences
There are essential differences between science and pseudoscience, which are the reason our world has experienced such a deluge of pseudoscience recently-- and will probably continue to. (9 minutes)
Analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomena
EVP is the belief you can use your TV set or radio as a divination tool. Really? (5 minutes)
Evolution and Natural Selection: NOT equivalent to filling a bucket with parts and stirring. (8 minutes)
Disingenuous Green Power
Green machines are not really green, if they just move impact elsewhere. (3 minutes)
An Energy Discussion
A fictional discussion with a liberal about how we will power the future. (6 minutes)