Political Essays & Commentaries

"Freedom To" vs "Freedom from"
We mostly think of freedom as *freedom to* do something, and we forget or ignore *freedom from* things. Let's consider and compare the two. (25 minutes)
The Importance of Compromise
Political and media polarization are breaking us into factions, preventing compromise and negotiation. But compromise is a cornerstone of the United States--can the government function without it? (6 minutes)
Running away: Giving up on the (Dis)United States
Why Opal and I will be leaving the United States for Nederland, if we can. (6 minutes)
Twenty Twenty-Four
My concept of updating George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four for our modern world. (16 minutes)
Upstate New York High Speed Rail
A railfan's perspective on the proposal to install high-speed rail across New York State. (3 minutes)
On Coronavirus
On the coronavirus and our leaders' response to it. (14 minutes)
A Moderate Take on Abortion
Abortion is a symptom, not the problem. If we want to stop abortions, we should address the problem itself. (8 minutes)
Universal Basic Income
Thoughts on advantages, disadvanages, and limitations of Universal Basic Income in solving US problems. (6 minutes)
Authority vs Wisdom in Politics
When leaders only look at their authority to take action, and do not consult wisdom, badness results. (4 minutes)
A Call to Moderates
The polarization of the Dems and the 'Pubes means USA needs a new political party run by moderates. But the moderates aren't ready, and it's doubtful we'll get what we need. (6 minutes)
Guns & City vs. Country
Instead of pointless bickering, let's try to understand why we don't understand one another when it comes to gun attitudes. (12 minutes)
High Taxes in Upstate New York: a reality check
Tom Golisano's organization told upstate that their taxes are unfair based on a comparison to the Northamptons. But is that a fair comparison? (4 minutes)