Dalek Jobs
What to expect when you employ a dalek. (0 minutes)
Apple Product Evolution Memorandum
Concerns on Apple's direction from a long-term geek fangirl. (5 minutes)
The History of Sink!
The history of the classic Discordian game of Sink. (4 minutes)
Beware the Penguins
They're coming. Prepare yourself, or you'll regret it. (1 minutes)
The TRUE Web Browser
TRUE: A new fully CSS-compliant web browser designed to fight information overload on the Internet (humor). (2 minutes)
The Importance of Skilled Taco Assembly
Tacos: Why only properly trained, skilled food service personnel should assemble these delicious Mexican morsels. (3 minutes)
Those Kinky Peanuts Kids
Think Peanuts was just a funny comic? Consider this. (3 minutes)