Buying Frenzy Sale at American Bedwetter
Buying Frenzy Sale at American Bedwetter
You bought for everyone else.
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American Bedwetter Women's ClassyMini Skirt in Red

Women's ClassyMini™ Business Skirt

Get it while it's hot!

(Exactly why is this item hot?)

Merry Christmas from American Bedwetter. Now buy our crap!

Decorate right with our

Lumberjack Overalls

available in a several colors & cuts to fit your style.

(Is buying a bunch of stuff necessary to participate?)

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The Christmas Fashions Are Here!

Move over Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Abercrombie & Fitch! American Bedwetter is here with the Christmas styles that match your style. Whether you're an A/B girl or guy, we have great fashions at a price you'll like.

We want your money, and we'll pay to get it!

It's you against us. Merchants local and on-line have armies of specialists finding ways to get your money. Advertising agencies, merchandising specialists, (e)commerce consultants, graphic and web designers, analysts, SEO specialists... the list goes on. We invade your mind via radio and television advertising, banners and pop-ups, circulars and mailings, social media and peer pressure. We do everything from making shopping more easy and pleasurable to being deceptive and exploiting psychology just to make a buck at your expense. Not quite illegal, of course, but ethical? Hmmm.

And on your side it's you and your wits.

I may be among their ranks, but I don't think it's a fair fight. The American Bedwetter™ brand is my attempt to even the odds, using silly products and a shopping simulator to expose the attempts (both fair and unfair) that merchants use to make a buck at your expense.

So please, "shop around" the site. I hope you'll take home a basketful of skepticism about future buying!