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Standalone TrueCost® Calculator

Fill in the form below to see how long you'll have to slave away at your job to buy some junk you want.

Price as labor:
Percent of weekly earnings:
Interest you'll pay:
Interest as labor:
Time to pay it off:
Time to save up:

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The TrueCost® Calculator makes it easy for you to see how much an item really costs—both the labor you'll need to do to pay for it, and the cost of buying on credit versus saving up.

Price as labor
How long you'll have to work to pay for the item. This assumes all you're paying for is the item—there is no allowance for food, housing, expenses, etc.
Interest you'll pay
Interest you'll pay if you buy on credit at the interest rate and monthly payment you enter.
Note: Because of compounding of interest, doubling price or payment do not necessarily double or halve the interest. Try some different values and compare.
Time to pay it off
The time to pay off the loan if you finance at the interest rate and monthly payment you enter.
Time to save up
The time it'll take to save up for the item if you save up first, rather than financing.