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Our Privacy Promise

Your earnings and hours are used for our TrueCost® Calculator that appears with each product and in your cart. This helpful gadget tells you based on the item price (or what's in your cart) how much you'll have to labor to pay for the items!

Name and e-mail are currently just props of the simulator, although they pre-fill the contact form if you want to reach us. All this data may be stored in cookies on your machine. Cookies are sent to us as part of retrieving pages, but (unlike most websites) we don't use the data.

However, there may be times where the data is recorded to logfiles for diagnostic or other purposes. Furthermore, since these pages aren't encrypted, the data could be easily intercepted or viewed by a third party with access to the servers, routers, and switches between your computer and our web server.

The really scary bit? The Tweet, Like, +1, and Pin buttons on the navigation bar are tracking you around the site. I don't use your data, but they will. And they have lots of it, and are willing to use it to help anyone that's willing to pay for it.