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Delores Lovourne Collection®

About the Delores Lovourne Collection®

What name symbolizes sophistication and style better than Delores Lovourne? Combining classic elegance with contemporary design, Delores Lovourne features distinctive, trendsetting fashions from casual to chic, bohemian to boardroom, funky to finery. For luxurious fashions of uncompromising quality and construction, all at affordable prices—Delores Lovourne Collection®.


No. We made Delores Lovourne up because the name sounded sophisticated, then tacked on "Collection" because it makes these products sound more unique, more upscale; less like average junk you could get at a hundred other stores, probably at better prices. Her initials were chosen as part of the inside joke of this whole site; "Lovourne" had a French-sounding elegance about it.