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Hot deal! Classic Classy Skirt
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Classic Classy Skirt


Get a Hot Deal on a Hot Skirt! This sexy, stylish skirt has a classy look that’s office approved, yet still elegant and upscale for those after-work activities. The mid-thigh length ensures modesty while still being a come-on. Features a classy, rounded version of the A/B logo.

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Why is this product a hot deal? It’s really not that great a price. But telling you it is, perhaps you’ll believe us. Psychological research has shown that if we can provide an idea before other facts are in place, most people will fail to reevaluate its validity later. Some will even defend it!

We then back it up with some meaningless drivel about how adaptable this skirt is, occasionally repeating how great a deal it is to reinforce that idea. How can you resist? Notice in particular that we don’t say much about the skirt, instead selling what life could be like with the skirt. In retrospect, does it seem likely that a skirt will change your life?

The lessons here:

  • Don’t trust your impulses. We take advantage of them.
  • Read for important facts, and skip the tripe that is just there to sell you.
  • Be skeptical, especially when we tell you how a product will change your life.

Website tips

You may have noticed that we’ve excluded a currency symbol on the price. Research has shown that makes a difference in the likelihood you’ll buy this item. Apparently removing the dollar sign means you’re a little bit less likely to think of that number as money. Deceptive? Not exactly, but neither is it with honorable intentions.


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